If you're thinking of hiring me go ahead and read the rest of this page so that you get an idea of how I work and how we might work together on your GMAT prep.  Looking for current GMAT tutoring rates? you're welcome to click here.  But again, if you plan on hiring me for your GMAT prep best to read how I work.


I get this question "what can you do for me?" very often. Not a simple question to answer. I would never say that my GMAT tutoring is a magic bullet or that I can guarantee a 99th percentile score or ensure acceptance to Harvard business school. I would never say that studying for the GMAT is easy or that having GMAT tutoring is an easy way out. What I can honestly say is that I can help you achieve your GMAT goals. I can say that I have helped many other students achieve their goals. I have helped people get into top five schools and get free rides to top twenty schools. I have helped students achieve whopping 200 point increases and less impressive 30 point increases (to crack 700) which they were unable to achieve with anybody else.


Let's face it:  the GMAT is rough. It is not a memorization test. It's a super detailed logic test which covers a wide range of math and grammar concepts all tested in unorthodox ways. For most people, studying isn't an easy habit to get into and improving a GMAT score is tough. Some people do very well preparing for the GMAT on their own (if going solo on your GMAT prep the GMAT Study Schedules might give you some helpful structure). Other people study for the better half of a year without reaching their goals.

The GMAT is based on straightforward rules but when you mix a bunch of simple stuff together you can make a pretty complex soup (think DNA). A GMAT tutor can make sure that you not only know all of the simple rules but how they come together. On a tough test like the GMAT you have to have a good method for problem solving. You have to think critically and use scarce resources (no calculator:)) to find solutions.  If you are looking for a tutor I will challenge you to work hard and work smart to achieve your GMAT goals. I will be very honest about the work that you need in order to get the GMAT score that you want.


To get your GMAT brain in Olympic condition takes some really serious (more than you could imagine) practice.  Anybody who tells you that they can get a big increase without a lot of work is either lying or really does know magic.  You can get huge score increases but generally these increases take a lot of GMAT prep. Take a look at these two articles for some idea: Long Road to 700+ GMAT and Harvard GMAT Score. Be prepared. The good news is that if you do your GMAT preparation with someone who has a lot of experience your he/she can guide your prep, keep you on track, and keep you organized. Here is an example of a GMAT tutoring schedule from one of my past students:

GMAT Schedule
A GMAT Tutoring Schedule of a past student who scored a 720 on the GMAT.


If you want a brutally honest (but super sweet) GMAT tutor who will threaten to quit if you aren't doing the proper amount of work needed to get your score then give me a call. To be honest I have only stopped GMAT tutoring with one person because he wasn't getting his work done and was re-hired a few months later. He went on to improve his score by 160 points (here is that story: a GMAT Tutor resigns)



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