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Consultations are a Good Thing

It's challenging to pick a course of action for your GMAT preparation. Sometimes the decision relates to your finances but often times it is difficult to decide what type of preparation is best for you. If you are on the fence about your GMAT preparation it might be helpful to have a quick conversation to discuss your options. Regardless of the GMAT class or GMAT tutor you are considering, have a consultation so that you get an idea of what to expect. Not to mention - it is really helpful to get along with whomever you are working with. This is important stuff - invest in the decision.

Instructions for setting up a GMAT Consultation

1. Send an email to including the following information: Where you live, a brief summary of what your GMAT prep has been so far, your deadlines, and your score goal.

2. I will get back to you with two possible times for our consultation. Unfortunately, there may be some weeks during which consultations are not possible but generally I try to get them scheduled within a week.

3. Please confirm your consultation as soon as you can. There are other people waiting in line and I can only keep your slot available for 24 hours.

4. I will send you a GoToMeeting link for our meeting.


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